Twitter Handles – Where is Ours?

Social Media is a combination of a whole lot of different platforms and objectives, both personal and business. First and foremost, they don’t call it SOCIAL Media for nothing. In today’s ever-changing social media society, the social has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle.

We’re Bringing SOCIAL Back!

That is why you won’t find a Social Elements Media (SEM) Twitter handle. So stop looking. Trust us, it isn’t there. We really didn’t even give it much thought when we were first setting up our platforms. We have our Facebook page, a Pinterest page, an Instagram page… but when it came to Twitter, we made the conscious choice to be less business and more social.

We work in social media… we hope to work with you. We aren’t hiding behind a handle… we want you to get to know us. Carolyn and Melissa. We have nothing to hide and we have both been involved online for years and years. Come follow us and say Hi. Get to know what we’re about and how passionate we are for all things social media. We are online every day… more so than most businesses are. If you have a question, you can always find one of us around the web. That’s the beauty of SEM… we don’t just talk the talk… we walk the walk. How many other businesses can say that?



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